Thursday, April 30, 2009

Atlantic Pizzeria and Restaurant

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  1. Atmosphere.

    Literally speaking, its where we live, what we breathe, and what we need to survive. Figuratively speaking, its the feel of a place; every spot on Earth has one, and some are more pleasant to be around than others.

    Atlantic Pizzeria? Now this place has a special mix of sensations that'll fit any occasion. Its got a majestic blend of local "pizza joint" pizazz, mixed with a healthy dose of authentic Italian flavor. The music is relaxing, food is displayed in an artistic manner, and the dark blue paint goes well with a collection of old photographs and musical instruments that line the walls.

    When you choose to have a meal at the Atlantic Pizzeria, you'll enjoy more than just a good slice of pie - you'll enjoy a unique experience with a vivid atmosphere that will leave you going back for seconds.

  2. just wanted to say if you haven't had Atlantic pizza, you haven,t had a real pizza yet. Dominoes; none of them compare.You pay a little bit more but when its time to
    eat you'll know why its truly the best i've ever had.It's located in Freeport.If you are a
    true pizza fanatic like me you must try them out. Garantee you wont regret it.

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