Sunday, May 3, 2009


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  1. Atlantic Pizzeria serves the best pizza I have ever tasted. And that's no small feat in heed of this reviewer's culinary connoisseurship.
    Their crust is pleasantly pliable, yet not lacking in substance. You can taste the basked touch of virgin olive oil juxtaposing the slight crispiness imbibed via scorching coal oven. The cheese is fresh and flavorful, inviting a complement of hand-picked toppings. Speaking of which, these choice extras are always top-notch.

    Surprisingly, the prices are very reasonable. You could easily pay twice as much for a lesser pie in Manhattan.
    Overall, I persist in very strongly recommending Atlantic Pizzeria to any serious pizza-eater. If you're visiting the city for just a short time, include this restaurant. It sets the standard for quality pizza to which the world must aspire.

  2. Last night I found this amazing place, Atlantic Pizzeria. They have variety of homemade Italian food like pizza, pasta, veal, chicken, seafood etc. I had a good time and enjoyed their amazing food. Highly recommend.

  3. For those people who love Italian food like I do.
    You need to check this Pizza joint in Freeport.
    It’s located on 171 Atlantic Ave. Across from Boston market.
    It’s called Atlantic Pizzeria.
    The place looks like it belongs in a movie scene from the Bronx or Brooklyn.
    Their counter display is unbelievable, like I never seen before…..
    I had their pizza and a rice ball.
    The out come….. best pizza and food I ever had.

  4. Me and my friends love the restaurant. The pizzas are delicious, the faveourite has to be the Sicilian. Divine.... And all at really reasonable prices!

  5. Chicken sans parmigiana? Well, some people aren't particularly big fans of eating their chicken with cheese on top of it, but don't mind a flavorful tomato sauce and some great spaghetti. For a reasonable price, Atlantic Pizzeria offers exactly this!

    The chicken cutlet itself is huge; easily big enough to fill the plate it rests upon, and often close to as much as a man can eat. The meat is thin - but not too thin! - juicy and flavorful. The sauce isn't spicy, but it isn't bland; a good mix of perky taste and placid smoothness. Spaghetti is included in the meal - and if you thought the chicken was a lot of food, wait until you see the pasta! One can go with traditional noodles or baked ziti, and both hit the spot well!

    Give it a try!

  6. Lasagna is a favorite dish of Garfield's, but not necessarily of mine. I'm not particularly sure why, but I've never been a huge fan of it. Looking to try something different, I gave the Lasgana from Atlantic Pizzeria a shot.

    It was a good meal! The cheese was molten when I first got it. Instead of ground beef, the meat in the dish was thick and juicy. The portion size was huge, certainly your dollar's worth. Is it the best Lasagna in Freeport? It very well could be, given that I rarely eat it! But, whatever it was, it was certainly a good meal for something out of my usual flavor.

  7. They have the best tasting slices around, hands down. They have really tinkered with their slices since I first went there and I have to say, they got it right. Can't find a slice that good anywhere else around here. Great Pizza.

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