Sunday, May 3, 2009

Best Pizza

Try our delicious pizza.


  1. Last night, I had pizza at Atlantic Pizzeria in Freeport. It has a cozy bar/restaurant that is known for its Italian food. Atlantic Pizzeria has a number of home-cooked, hearty dinner entrees, but the pizza seems to be just as popular as the dinner meals. Atlantic pizza tastes like a traditional pizza, but they make a few variations that make it slightly different from your usual slice. There is more of an emphasis on spices, and you taste in the sausage and atop the layer of cheese. The cheese and sauce taste pleasant, but it’s the fresh toppings and spices that bring out the flavor.

  2. Atlantic pizzeria has the best pizza around, their home made pasta's are Delicious.

    Everything about the place it makes you fill good, from the music they play to the decor to one the most beautiful deli case display I ever seen.

    I recommend the drive from anywhere.....

    The place is that good.

  3. Atlantic Pizza is "Thee Best" place I bought pizza that I have ever had, and I have tried them all !!!
    Thanks for making your pizza's the pinacle of quality for Pizza !!!!

  4. When you've got company over and you're looking for dinner for the whole group, one of the most obvious choices is to go with pizza; its a pretty quick to make meal, and one good sized pie can usually feed three or four people.

    With so many places to choose from, however, its hard to decide; Dominos, Pizza Hut, Papa John's and other chains often dominate the usual conversation. While they may do in a pinch, when its too late for most restaurants to be open, the best move is to eat at a local pizzeria - and when people in the Freeport area get to talking about where to order from, one place tends to win out not just for the night, but for the best pizza in town: Atlantic Pizzeria.

    More than once, this writer has talked pizza with friends and often, one party will remark, "I love that place on Atlantic Avenue, near the Carvel." The other speaker replies, "they might be the best in town!" In fact, its worth mentioning that such a great combination exists in the same area - a pizza shop and an ice cream parlor.

    As to the pie itself, its worth taking a moment to examine it in detail. A Pizza from Atlantic has a crispy bottom, one that can support the weight of a topping or two. The cheese doesn't roll off the slices, but isn't rubbery and doesn't make taking a bite impossible. There are usually a few bubbles on the pie, but only enough to give a different taste with each bite and not enough to take away from it. Toppings are applied generously, and for those without a taste for them they're still good.

    Overall, the pie is an A+ with ease.

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